b'2020-21 LANDMARK FUND Priorities and Budget AllocationGifts to the Landmark Fund received between August 1, 2020 and the end of the school yearwillhelp to underwrite the following budgeted priorities:Professional Development for$100,000 Spiritual Life $200,000Faculty and StaffRetreats, advisory, chapel speakers and curriculumSubject-specific training Professional Learning Communities Equipment and Technology$200,000Diversity, equity and inclusion trainingDistinctive academic programs like: (Elementary Level) STEM / TED / Spotlight / Physical Education$750 Classroom Enhancement$100,000 (Middle and High School Level) Academy of Engineering andAllowances for Teachers Technology, Aviation Academy, Fashion Academy, Film Academy, To underwrite additional classroom resources as determined Leadership Academy, Music Academy by the teacher and the department head. Need-based Tuition Assistance $300,000 GOAL:$900,000 Current Landmark families in difficulty due to COVID-19 NEW students Students from under-represented minority groupsSpecial Note: We are asking donors to give to this years LANDMARK FUND in support of ALL of the institutional priorities listed above. We realize, however, that some may prefer individual pieces over the whole, or perhaps something else not on the list. Each donorcan specify these instructions when completing the online giving form on our website. Here is a link to that secure site.'