Alumni Horae: Vol. 95, No. 1 Fall 2014 - page 9

all short. I don’t think it will be as hard
as it looks.
Vanderpoel and I are still living to-
gether and have had no fights as yet,
and I do not think that there are even
any rumors of war afloat. I will stop for
a while now to take my weekly trip to
the B.T. (bath tub).
Tomorrow, this term will be first half
over. There are ten more weeks and as
they will probably go even more rapidly
than these first ten have (if such a thing
is possible), it will not be very long be-
fore I shall be hunting up the scattered
remnants of the Newcomer family. We
have had a little more snow this week but
it is about gone from the roads. There is
still some lying in the fields.
With much love, I remain
Your loving brother
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