Alumni Horae: Vol. 95, No. 1 Fall 2014 - page 4

Seven years ago, in July 2007, St. Paul’s
School recorded the first gift in what was
to become SPS Matters: The Campaign
for St. Paul’s School. With a goal of
$175,000,000 by June 30, 2015, the cam-
paign officially kicked off in New York
City in October 2010, with a public launch
attended by more than 500 alumni, parents,
and friends of the School. In its “quiet”
phase, SPS Matters had by that point
raised $98 million.
After the Board of Trustees voted in
2013 for a more ambitious fundraising
timeline, the campaign came to a close a
full year ahead of schedule, in June 2014,
and the figures are in: $178,748,436 raised
since 2007, with participation from more
than 80 percent of alumni and parents.
“The campaign has produced a number
of great benefits to the School,” said Bob
Lindsay ’73, who chaired the Campaign
for St. Paul’s School and was the lead
donor in the $44 million Lindsay Center
for Mathematics and Science. “The obvi-
ous ones are growth in the endowment to
support faculty and geographically broad
student financial support, completion of
a critical physical need in the math and
science building, and restoration of an
important metric – the relationship of
endowment size to the student body.”
As the physical centerpiece of the cam-
paign, the 78,000 square-foot Lindsay
Center opened just after Thanksgiving
2011 and was officially dedicated at an
April 2012 ceremony. At the time, cam-
paign progress had reached $123 million.
Other physical additions to the campus
include the Bogle-Lechner Field, dedicated
in September 2012 when the campaign
had reached $128 million, and the McLane
Squash Courts, which were rededicated
in January 2014, when progress was up
to $165 million.
dents at St. Paul’s. That is the true gift of
this successful campaign.”
Trustee Hilary Parkhurst ’80 credited
the initial leadership of former Rector Bill
Matthews ’61 and other members of the
Board, who led by example in terms of
giving, which inspired volunteers and
other members of the School community.
She also spoke of the vision of current
Rector Mike Hirschfeld ’85, and called
giving under his tenure a vote of faith in
his leadership.
“Thanks to this leadership, there has
been a huge resurgence in terms of the
School’s popularity, and this helps ensure
our future,” said Parkhurst. “I am hoping
this campaign has helped instill the idea
of giving to St. Paul’s as a habit.”
Hirschfeld was quick to credit others
for the extraordinary results of the
“Thanks to Bill Kissick, his team, and
the remarkable leadership of Bob and
Douglas, the success of the campaign
will provide an enduring platform for
the School’s continued success,” said
Hirschfeld. “I was inspired not only by the
campaign’s fiscal success, but also by the
coming together of this community in the
effort. I feel very fortunate to be leading
the School at this moment in its history.”
Campaign success was spurred by
better-than-healthy levels of annual
giving – more than $39.5 million over the
life of the campaign, including $6,696,131
for fiscal year 2014, with participation
from 45 percent of alumni and 89 percent
of parents. The 2013-14 Annual Fund
numbers represent a nine percent in-
crease from the previous year. Overall,
annual giving rose 96.5 percent since the
campaign began in 2007.
“At the beginning of this campaign,
Bob Lindsay wrote, ‘Every student
comes away with a full heart and a fine
mind, and understands that the world
will ask something important of him
or her. Again and again, our students
deliver. Again and again, they astound
us,’” said Director of Alumni and De-
velopment Bill Kissick. “Bob was right.
And, the same thing can be said about
our volunteers and donors. We asked
something important of them, and they
delivered. Again and again, our volun-
teers and our donors astounded us.”
“The campaign’s success has recon-
nected many people to the School and
reaffirmed its importance,” added Lindsay.
“One senses a lot of new energy in the
various constituencies – alumni, parents,
faculty, and the students themselves, all
of whom are proud to be connected to a
place with great aspirations underpinned
by great support.”
In addition to the bricks and mortar of
the campaign, the generosity of donors
also led to the establishment of new
regional scholarships in Alabama, El Paso,
Texas/Juarez, Mexico, South Carolina,
and California/Wyoming. A fifth new
scholarship is pending for prospective
students from Colorado. Overall, the
campaign has resulted in more than
40 endowed scholarships, five endowed
chairs, four endowed teaching fellows,
more than 20 endowed faculty support
funds, and more than 200 new members
of the John Hargate Society, who have
included St. Paul’s in their estate plan-
ning. Planned gifts make up approxi-
mately 15 percent of the more than
$178 million of SPS Matters.
Recently retired Board President Douglas
Schloss ’77 spoke of how the resources
provided by the generosity of so many
donors already have given St. Paul’s
facilities and programs that better align
the educational priorities of the School
with those of our nation.
“The success of this campaign demon-
strates a unified school community firmly
behind ensuring that SPS is a leader in
secondary school education into the
future,” said Schloss, who helped fund
the establishment of an engineering
honors program at SPS. “The majority
of the campaign’s funds will ensure
that we have not only the finest teach-
ing faculty, but also the very best stu-
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