b'grip of her father was not the good sort of muscular. It wasnt muscular like Onyx was muscular - sides toned and rippling with the training and effort and precision that she and he had poured into each other. No, her fathers strength was amorphous, heavy - like the brand of strength that a hippopotamus might have. Whaa- he began to slur, but was interrupted by his own belch. Where you been, girl?Jewel knew it was best to not answer him. She wrenched her hand free and continued away.Hey! He yelled, and Jewel heard a scrambling behind her as he no doubt stood shakily. You get your damn behind back over here, girl! Listen when your father talks to you! She ignored him, almost to the door now. Just a little more and he might give up. You- he cut himself off with a grunt of effort. Jewel turned, confused.Only to find herself freeze, watching as a black glass bottle came closer and closer to her dirty face.With a gasp, Jewel dove back into consciousness. She shot up from the unfamiliar bed, finding her heart racing. A hand leapt to her chest as she tried to calm herself down, slow her breathing. She felt the beginnings of tears just under her eyelids. She felt herself grateful that she woke up before the worst part of that night. Her savior buzzed again, rattling the whole nightstand to her left. Her memories came flooding back as she reached to oblige. She flipped her phone to where she could see, the bright face of her prize possession Onyx staring her back. Her short-lived smile faded as she read the news caption on her phone. Breaking news: Atlanta Music Store Robbed, Burglar at large. Watch for white Toyota Corolla, License Tag #PNI 2237.She put her phone down, not overly concerned with the event, though sympathetic. I hope no one got hurt. Please, let this be solved soon. I dont want it to ruin my competition. Jewel tossed the too-fluffy white comforter off her petite frame, bare legs finding the hotel rooms floor. She stopped a moment, after smoothing down her white t-shirt, one of her favorites. It was simple and comfortable, which is all it needed to be. Atlantas much different than Lexington. I hope Onyx is doing all right. He should be at the track by now. Again, Jewel was pulled from her reverie by her phone. This time, however, it was a phone call. At 4:36 in the morning. She read the name, stirring when she saw the name attached. Scott Day, her agent, was calling her.She answered, her voice nearly a whisper when she spoke.Yes?Oh, Jewel, this is really bad. There was a wreck on I-20, and the trailer was on I-20.I think you should come check on Onyx, okay? I really think you should come see him.| 9 |'