b'Compound Soul with each Satisfaction,By Righton Rivers24 other. sorrow,Tears sometimes joy,I feelresult from regret.mixed Joy. Love,right now. hope,No they dont. bafflement,Emotions At least they and stress.areshouldnt. These feelings arentflooding in like mine.a breaker Yet, they cry on.frothing intoI look at Do I evenconfusion.my friends, have any?Children young and old they mourn I just need tolamenting and they trudge on,in disappointment. mourn and hope forfor the loss the best.I see them of the race.grinning You dont knowin aI cant take it. its over,rue way Stop it. until its over.while shedding tears. STOP IT!I want to bellow. So heres toIm befuddled whats next.again. Ill embrace youandThey say soothe youtheyre until you growtears of joy, and calm.theyre crying because theyre Variations ofhappy sensations areof the bulging insidetime my heart.they spent | 35 |'