b'BUBBLE ON LEAFLindsey Swearngin20Adventure AwakensLife begins at the end of your comfort zone, says Neal Donald Walsh. You dont truly live until you take risks. Theres something about getting your hands dirty while feeling the crisp outside breeze. It can make a person appreciate life so much more and bring them closer to God. Looking around and taking in Gods creation can make someone realize how much they have and everything God has done. He didnt make this world only for him, but for us, too, so we can go out into it. You have to be open to adventure. Its a chance to think outside the box and get outside in general.Its the best way to explore the world along with yourself. It takes a good challenge to truly figure out who you are and what you want. If you stay tidy inside your own little world, you will never try new things or pass the edge of your zone of comfort and safeness. You wont get to live your life to the fullest because life isnt about playing it safe. Its about taking those chances that you know youll regret if you dont.By Kasidy Warr24 | 11 |'