b'OverthinkingSimple versus complex, happiness versus misery.OverthinkingA single gestures meaning turned into millions of possibilities when the answer is right in front of you.OverthinkingDrowning in your own thoughts instead of living in the moment, happy, with every-one else.OverthinkingAlone in your mind, desperately wanting to reach out to someone for help.OverthinkingGiving up, they wont help, they have nothing to gain.OverthinkingTrying to find a way out of this lonely prison, trying to get a hold.OverthinkingYou cantOverthinkingThis is miseryOverthinkingPleaseOverthinkingI just want to stopOverthinkingthis cant be itOverthinkingThis pain, this sadness, this miseryOverthinkingYou canOverthinkingSeeking stable ground, this prison has to have an exitOverthinkingRealizing you cant do it by yourself, its impossible, someone must helpOverthinkingMaking the leap of faith, calling out, youre not alone| 4 |'