b'The Wingsby Seiler Rivers 20Theres a kind of magic in deep blue lightHow everything feels like water,And safety, and space.I watch you in the dim oceanFocused. Ready. Willing.Crossing to me as I wait in the red.Emu PartyThe blue deepens and suddenly, by Tim Wilson24Im flanked by friendsYou, you, meus three in the curtain. Emus flood the streetsTo listen to the beatsMy heavy head falls on your white shirt Emu on the micAnd sleepy fingers find a hand Eating Mike and IkesReady to hold. Giant disco ballIn the dining hallAnd it pains me to rememberFeather jackets sleekI will soon leave you Chatting with their beaksAnd the curtain will close the blue for good. All of them skipped schoolEmu party coolBut for now,For now its actually niceTo lay my head without wonderingIf the weight is too much.| 16 |'