b'of earthy mint. Anytime I walk near my tree, this satisfying smell of mint always fills my nostrils. Most importantly, this special place fueled my imagination. While jumping around my tree, my young mind took me to many exciting places. Imagine! Wars and love stories. Sport triumphs and space travel. Pirates and deep sea diving. While I swished my stick back and forth fighting my mighty battles, I always lost track of time. As I jogged around my house to the tree, the sun was just beginning to shine through the tallest leaves in the evening. Often I would stay at my thinking tree until the automatic lights triggered on and off at my presence. I must admit I didnt like anybody watching me while I played around my tree. When Seiler would peek through the blinds, I would signal for her to go away. Sometimes, Dad would sneak out the front door and quietly sit and watch me from the porch. I always felt really embarrassed when I discovered he was there.Time flew by, and I grew up. I cant remember the last time I went out to my thinking tree. Maybe the airport went out of business, me being the only sponsor. But I know its still there, in the back of my mind. Often times I zone out in class, my eyes unmoving and blank. I check in again for a flight. There are many more destinations open now, some that I never imagined. I board the plane and fly away.As I look out from the cockpit, I see and hear all sorts of wondrous things, and I laugh in awe of each significant sight. I dont ever land. There isnt any need to. I can just sit there and be in my happy place. But then Mrs. D bangs on my desk, snaps me back into reality, and now I have to read a super-annoyingly-long and repetitive book thats meant for adults.| 21 |'