b'Turner Guerard24Paradise FoundI take a deep breath, smell the salty sea air, and know Im home. The warm breeze whips through my hair, guaranteeing tangles tomorrow, but I dont mind, as long as Im here. As long as Im in this beautiful place with my family, nothing can shake my good mood. The Isle of Palms makes me the happiest girl on Earth.I am sitting on my beloved pink Barbie beach towel, in a spot where my great-great-grand-father once sat overlooking the mighty Atlantic Ocean. My parents are on either side of me, their little sunkissed toddler. I lick my ice cream just before it drips lazily to the sand. My mouth delights in the tropical flavors and deliciousness of this creamy treat. My tongue sings with joy. With the sun blazing overhead, this is the best way to stay cool.Once I finish my cone, I take in the sights and sounds. To my right, I see a sand palace, surrounded by a saltwater moat, perfect for a princess. On top, a flag billows in the wind. To my left are some joggers, chatting animatedly. Soaring overhead, I hear seagulls cawing and squawking, scouring the shore for their next meal. Above it all, I hear the crashing of the waves. The cool water laps at my feet, and the faint scent of coconut sunscreen wafts through the air.After a while, I get bored and begin to wade into the water, stopping when it reaches my waist. The sun beats down, but the chilly ocean keeps me cool. I see a flash out of the cor-ner of my eye, and turn toward it. A pod of dolphins swims far in the distance. Their dark, sleek bodies glide through the water gracefully. I duck under a huge wave, imagining I am a dolphin, too, but instead, I sputter up through the turbulence with a mouthful of briny seawater. I gag and gasp for air, but soon begin to laugh. I feel as though nothing can truly stop me, not even the most savage surf.I swim toward my family, resting on an emerald colored towel near the edge of the | 40 |'