b'Ashes and Embers quietly glowing in the background,By Emily Cartledge17 waiting for the chance to burn.You and I, my dear, Im a firm believerare as strong as they come. that there are two kinds of people The fires of this life in the world: are no match for us. ashes and embers. For we know See, ashes are the onesthat if we hold on long enough,who have been consumedthe pain ends,by the fires of life. and all thats left They burn fiercely, is a beautiful hope for tomorrow. holding on for dear lifeSo when the fires dim for as long as they can and I am surrounded by the ash, before all the life insideI will look for you, gives out, and I will find you there, and all thats left is dust and bones.among the embers.Embers, however, well, embers are stronger. Embers are the the ones who refuse to be consumed by the fire. Who, instead of giving in to the heat,learn to absorb the flames.backcover art Instead of letting them drain the life UNTITLEDAvery Fuller22from their bodies,they learn to become the fire, full of passion and energy,| 49 |'