b'Kingdoms We sat on a worn couchBy Morgan Maddox20 And watched over our stuffed animals.Our young minds convinced each other We lived in a world where weOf our riches and happinessWere treated like kings. We laughed together and loved each otherWe had our crowns atop our heads Much like the kings and queens of old.Made of the finest gold and jewels.The riches werent realWe feasted on the most savory foods But our laughter was.And drank the richest of wines. We flourished in our kingdom of imaginationWe were taught the philosophies of the greats And carried it with us into the real world. By the most influential professors of our time.Our childhoods didnt last foreverWe dressed in the finest of clothes andBut the impact can.Hired the most humorous jesters.We sat upon our throne of gold And looked out at our kingdom.But all beauty fadesAnd soon we realized our reality.We were not kings and queensFor our crowns were made of string and sticks.We filled our bellies with sandwiches and fruitAnd washed it down with grape juice.We read books far beyond our levelAnd asked each other the meaningWe adorned ourselves with paper bowsAnd joked around a card table.| 39 |'