b'plummet. This is obviously something schools do not want to happen because of how clearly it is counter productive.Some might say Oh well boo hoo, why dont the teens just go to sleep earlier to get more sleep. This just simply wont happen because these youngsters bodies are hard wired to stay up late. Research at Stanford University said Because of the delay in melatonin secretion, teenagers internal clocks prompt them to stay awake approximately two hours later than young-er children. This means that biologically teens are made to stay up late.Although some would argue that by pushing the start time, that would make the school end later, especially for those students who participate in extracurricular activities. However, there is a response to this. There are many systems in place to fix this. One of those is to include the extracurricular activity in the school day.Instead of going to another elective, the student could go to the sport and practice. For the sake of the children, it is very important for middle and high schools to change their start times to 9:00 a.m. This would be of great help to all of teens forced to wake up very early, go to school, and pay attention perfectly. This all goes against their biology. All schools have to do is one thing. Adjust their start time by one hour. Simple. That would change the world of a teeny bopper and their test scores would go up, and so would their demeanor and morale.And, perhaps more importantly, teachers are happier because they have less students falling asleep in their class.Work CitedBetter, Sleep. Why Cant Teens Just Go To Bed Earlier? SleepBetterorg Why Cant Teens Just Go To Bed Earlier Comments, Journal of Sleep Medicine, Why Cant Teens Just Go To Bed Earlier? | SleepBetter.orgBreakfast in America. Kelloggs.com, Kelloggs,Breakfast In America | KelloggsDaytime Somnolence, Reduced Attention, and Poor Academic Performance: An ExploratoryCross-Sectional Study in Teenagers. Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 15 May 2013,JCSM - A Multi-Step Pathway Connecting Short Sleep Duration to Daytime Somnolence, Reduced Attention, and Poor Academic Performance: An Exploratory Cross-Sectional Study in TeenagersWake Up Calls (Fast Facts). Start School Later Wake Up Calls (Fast Facts)| 29 |'