b'Dear reader,Welcome to The Landmark Review, the literary journal of Landmark Christian School! This journal exists to showcase Gods creativity at work in the imaginations of the Landmark community, and, to borrow a phrase from the psalmist, it is evident our schools cup most surely runneth over with His favor and goodness (Psalm 23:5 KJV). Throughout Scripture, we are afforded many opportunities to experience the abundance of God; from the kaleidoscopic brilliance of Eden to the twelve baskets of leftovers following Christs feeding of the five thousand, Gods lavish grace and overflowing goodness to us are indeed marvelous gifts. He gives us immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20 NIV). Its what He loves to do. This abundance, this staggering encounter with beauty and glory, lies at the very root of our instinct for artistry. As J.R.R. Tolkien famously put it, we are all subcreators, imitating our Father and all of His creative expression through the careful creation of our own stories, our own sculptures, our own songs. The human impulse to create art, then, is a fundamental mark of our worship; it is how we strive to reflect His glory. Later in Ephesians, Paul tells us to be imitators of God, as beloved children (Ephesians 5:1 ESV). Deep down, we all want to be like our Dad. We tell stories because God is the Great Storyteller; we play music because God is the Great Composer; we make art because God is the Great Artist. In these endeavors, we imitate our Father in heaven; in making, we please the Maker. The divine beauty of Gods artistry serves as a constant reminder of His abundant grace to us. In sharing this abundance through our own creative efforts, we remind others of what God is fundamentally like. What a noble calling! The Landmark Review provides a platform for such artistic excellence. It is an annual publication that promotes the cultivation of craftsmanship, encourages new ideas and conversations, and demonstrates the creativity of God through a diversity of artistic genres and media. Led by an editorial staff comprised of our very own students, The Landmark Review presents a rich sampling of our communitys talent, diligence, originality, and inspiration. These pages, filled with poetry, photography, essays, paintings, and more, will evoke contemplation and conversation, centered on awe and wonder at the creativity of Almighty God.I invite you now to partake in the abundance of God through experiencing the imaginative vision of our students, our alumni, and our entire Landmark family. May Christ be lifted high, and may we always behold the beauty of the Lord. Mr. Matthew HuffGeneral Editor'