b'VegetablesBy Levi Trask24Growing, Growing, everywhereThe smell of them wafting through the airPicking them and plucking them while gardeningJust got to make sure that they are not still hardeningClean them, wash them, put them in a bowlThen for dinner serve it in a casseroleNow go gather your carrotsBefore they get eaten by the ferrets Give them water and sunlightAnd do not let them blightPick the kale and cut them into stripsThen bake them and turn them into chipsPick them and toss them in a panThen pour in the soup but do not get it from a tin canGather them and slice Then put them on a tray and diceVeggies are good, they will help your well-beingVeggies will keep your health from fleeing| 24 |'