b'Moonlight through the PinesBy Amelia Rivers18Staring at the sky with Georgia on my mind.A small gardenia is tucked behind my ear, Pale as the pearl moon above,Smelling of a memory to my soul.A rush of crisp breeze startles me like a first kiss.The whirlwind disrupts the once silent pine trees,Launching them into a rustling frenzy.The sultry scent of the flower in my hair Mixes with the music of the trees,Like a melody and harmony. It smells of you: clean, fresh, and cold.For a moment, I wonder, are we staring at the same groaning trees,At the same blue-blushed sky?At the same moonlight filtering through the pine branches?But silence returns, wrapping a hand around my throat. WinterBy Cameron Dobbs17The trees cease whispering.All is still, and I am still alone.The breath of fresh air I looked forThe prayer I cried out forThe break I was ready forYou shook me from head to toe, like a gentle rollercoasterYour embracing sweet chills captivated me every dayLeaving no trace as the sprouting flowers cover your snow-worn gardensmy body will cry in blistered pain, as I sweat off summers heatAs the sun wrinkles my skin, I will look forward again, to the sweet chills you gave me each nightI thought the winter wonderland would last foreverBut it was just a stormHere one day and gone the nextI thought youd be my snow angel but I guess youre just hail| 30 |'