b'I Am the Sky By Amelia Gauthreaux20I broke offA piece Of the sunsetThat dayReaching so highFalling so hardHolding on to the placeWhere the sidewalk meets the sky InterstateI tucked the cloudsInto my pockets Off of the exitI hid the sun Onto the metal-filled streetsAway from prying eyesDevoid of beautyThe sky stays grayA hole where the sun The hum of engines radiatingUsed to be Discordant harmonyWhere you used to beSpeeding to go fasterWords trickled Onto my skin Needing to go fasterLike soft rain And each driver prayingRolling off in wavesSoaking me through Quietly, silentlyThat they will make it to their I choked on your voiceI felt your fingers on my tongue DestinationAnd the blood on my teethFresh and hot By Tim Wilson24I cant decideIf this is goodOr badOr if Im entirely indifferent But the clouds in my pocketsAre weighing me downAnd I dont quite remember Where I left the sun | 45 |'