b'house of cards and i wish i could warn that girl that it would all blow over,that our love was like a house of cards, all it took was a gentle breeze, and you the king of hearts.a single gust from autumn, as your court jester, ive learned hearts break piece by piece,beating across the rooftop of our humble flat. card by card. behind stifled laughter, i shuddered, but i fixed my grip on your limp fingers and as we built up futile housesan unforgiving chill traveling down the back of my neck. just to watch them fall,bitter winds almost seemed to wake the sleeping city of London, because all it took was a gentle breezeblowing just enough to disturb the blonde hair draped over thin pajamas, before i realized the hand wed been dealt.and just enough to turn your head.by hannah stephens17the warmth of your leather jacket was the sweetest valentine.discreetly slipping over my shoulders and blanketing a trembling figure,your inaudible gesture spoke the loudest. together, with tired eyes, we refused sleeps lovely enticements and instead dreamt awake, YOU by Cameron Dobbs17as wishing on imaginary stars in an empty sky seemed easier than retiring to bed if it meant leaving you. I tried to tell myself differentlycold toes dangling over an oblivious bakery, That it was me not youwe sipped cheap coffee in chipped teacups with lipstick stains But it was youIt was always youand pitied anyone who hadnt seen London from a rooftop.From the beginningthe eerie hush of the city immobilized romantic advances,so swiping through albums of our favorite artist, When you built my trustit wasnt long before i was comforted by your sweet tenor,Only to tear it down againharmonizing with catchy love songs and passing taxis, When you called me closerand accompanied by a symphony of shrieking pigeons. Only to push me awaythe most beautiful cacophony.glancing down endless flights of stairs stories away from our perch, I should have seen it comingi felt one strong arm grasp my waist When you called me at nightwith a whisper promising it would never let me go. Only to tell me wrong numberWhen you told me you loved meOnly to tell her the same | 33 |'