b'Andrew Seppings24Sleep Deprived Teeny BopperDuring puberty, the sleep cycle of teenagers changes so dramatically that with most schools starting before 8:00 a.m., it is mathematically impossible for these teeny boppers to get enough sleep. Teens should get nine hours of sleep every night. However, the best time for them to sleep is from 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Therefore, middle and high school students should begin school at 9:00 am. This simple one hour change could make a world of difference for these poor adolescents. They will have more energy to support them through the day, have time to get ready and eat breakfast, and will just be healthier.First, this change will give them more energy for their day. Studies show that 20-30% of high school students and 6% of middle school students fall asleep in school each day. This means almost a third of high school students fall asleep in class everyday. This is proof that they are not getting enough rest at home, and therefore dont have enough energy to get through the day. Students falling asleep in class will also interrupt their learning, and they will fall behind their classmates. This occurs simply because of something they cant fight, biology.It is not as easy as just waking up and leaving to go to school. High schoolers have to get up, shower, eat breakfast, brush their teeth, brush their hair. Most run out of time. As a result, many students go without doing things like eating breakfast. A study by Kelloggs said consump-tion of breakfast dips as American children grow older; 77 percent of young children eat breakfast every day, but the number falls to 50 percent in the middle-school years and 36 percent among high school students. Very few high schoolers eat breakfast which is one of the most important meals of the day. This illustrates the point that if students dont eat breakfast, they will have less energy for the day. If they were given time to eat at the beginning of the day, they would not only have a better day, but they would be more nourished. After a long day of working the mind and body need to rest. It is just a basic human need to sleep. While a student sleeps, their body rejuvenates, repairing tissue, synthesizing hormones, and basically gets the body in order for the next day.A study conducted by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine said [p]oor academic achievement correlated with reduced attention, which in turn was related to daytime somnolence (sleepiness). Somnolence correlated with short sleep duration. This statement is basically saying that the less a student sleeps, the more tired he/she will be throughout the day. This will cause the student to pay less attention, and grades to | 28 |'