b'CAMPUS NEWSGreensboro DayStudents in the newly launched entrepreneurial problem-solving course School Entrepreneurialcompleted their first project at Kontoor Students Pitch Ideas toBrands, parent company to the Lee and Kontoor Brands Wrangler brands, in October. Kontoor Brands leaders were on hand to listen to the students ideas for celebrating the 100th birthday of Lee Jeans icon, Buddy Lee. Students also shared creative marketing strategies to attract Generation Z to the Lee Jeans brand. Student ideas included a virtual birthday celebration for Buddy Lee, the Lee Jeans original doll, a shoe collaboration, a new doll collection that reflects diversity, andbusiness owners and entrepreneurs is the purpose-driven marketing ideas. Studentskind of work that will prepare students in Generation Z want to purchase productsfor college and beyond. Problem solving, that are connected to a social cause. Theycritical thinking, working collaboratively, want their retail purchases to go towardsand public speaking are essential skills that something bigger than the product itselfevery young adult needs for success.says Tracie Catlett, the Head of School at Greensboro Day School, and co-teacher ofOur team was honored to participate the new course, Entrepreneurial Problemin this initiative and hear the students Solving. insightful presentations, said Scott Baxter, This course gives students the opportunityPresident & CEO, Kontoor Brands. We to work with the greater communitybelieve that connecting students with outside the classrooms walls. The studentsleadership development opportunities is are hopeful that their ideas will have a realimportant to enabling their future success impact in the Greensboro community,and that of our community, and allows Catlett said. Ed Billingslea, Director ofcompanies like ours to tap into innovative the Upper School and co-teacher, added,ideas and solutions.nGiving students an authentic opportunity to do work in the local community with 14 | Winter 2020'