b'The work of Diversity, Equity, andRead more about Noni, Danette, Inclusion is a community-wideand Justin on page 48.endeavor. As such, adults and students across campus areMorton, Head of the Middle School continually working to lift up oneat Westminster; Justin Plummer 04, another. Examples include the following.Assistant Director of Student Services and Equity Programming at North Carolina The Student Diversity Leadership CouncilSchool of Science and Mathematics. During in the middle school (SDLC, Jr.) recentlythe discussion, panelists addressed four held a retreat under the leadership ofquestions surrounding racial justice and Jenna Gilfillan, Sarah Rose Mostafa 06,how Greensboro Day School plays a part Stephanie Ezerman, and Kyle Gilmer.DIVERSITYin the wider conversation. Panelists offered During this time, seventh and eighth-gradeprofound truths, vulnerability, and bravery student members discussed allyship, raceEQUITY, ANDin our time together. This event left me in film, the Greensboro Massacre, amongwith a strong sense of hope for our school other topics. Fifth and sixth-grade studentscommunity. I am looking forward to the discussed leadership styles, allyship, andINCLUSION:next Pop Up Learning session in which Dr. examined the different identities within theCody Perkins and I will focus on the topic, diversity statement. A COMMUNITYCivil Discourse.The Student Diversity Leadership CouncilThis summer, after the recent iterations of (SDLC) in the upper school recently hostedWIDE ENDEAVOR racialunrest in our country and feedback a division-wide Sidewalk Chalk Identityfrom our alumni, we invited all GDS Activity. The students drew representativeby Dr. Ayesha Swinton, Director of Inclusiongraduates to an open forum with Head of pictures of themselves and wrote words thatand Global EngagementSchool, Tracie Catlett, and me. They spoke express how they identify. The purpose ofIn each instance, the overwhelming majorityvery honestly about their time at GDS, the activity was to encourage students toof students showed a great deal of respectand I appreciate their candor and personal embrace and celebrate their own identitiesfor themselves, other perspectives, and theaccounts, both positive and constructive. so that they can appreciate the differences incommunity.We then conducted a formal survey of all others identities.alumni, and that feedback is guiding our GDS also hosted a Pop-Up Learningcurrent work at the school.In 11th grade English class with MaraSession titled Racial Justice. The session Montana, students have been practicingwas facilitated by me and the panelAs we continue to welcome all students and the art of civil discourse or having difficultincluded former GDS faculty and students.families to our campus, I am galvanized conversations. They have practiced usingThe panelists were Tracie Catlett, Headby the steps we are taking and the progress community norms and conducting researchof School at Greensboro Day School;we continue to make to maintain an about controversial topics such as statueNoni Thomas Lopez 90, Head ofopen dialogue and cultivate an inclusive removal, and disenfranchisement for felons. School at the Gordon School; Danettecommunity. The future is bright for GDS.38 | Winter 2020'