b'Remembering.the love of his life, Linda Marie Joberg,Sara Knox Roman 87 (Douglas); andeducationally.and together they raised four childrengrandchildren Megan Craven 06 (Brady), in a home filled with love and laughter.Ryan Sudnik 08, Olivia Knox 14,In 1987, upon the tragic death of Louis After moving to Greensboro, NorthHenry Knox 16, Carole Roman 14,daughter, Kimberly, Kimberlys classmates Carolina in 1972, Bill began a 33 yearJames Roman 18, and Ginny RomanLynn Callicott Baranski 84 and career in chemical sales with Handi-Clean20. Charlotte Horner Carrere 84, along Products.with faculty member Kathy Davis, led an effort to collect funds for a scholarship Upon moving to Greensboro, the KnoxREMEMBERING LOUIS BATES endowment in her memory. While the kids started in public school, but Billfunds raised did not fully support the full quickly realized that the quality oftuition cost, Louis stepped up annually public schools in North Carolina was farto underwrite the remaining cost of behind what it had been in New York.tuition so that the Kimberly Bates Merit Due to this, he looked for other optionsScholarship would live on. For 25 years, for his children and found GreensboroLouis and the Bates family faithfully Day School. The dedicated faculty,supported this full merit scholarship, small classes, a supportive learningone of the most coveted awards given at environment, and the opportunity forGreensboro Day School. One of Louis athletics all supported Bills reasons forgreatest pleasures was coming back to sending his children to GDS. GDS during closing ceremonies to award the Bates Scholarship each year. His As Bill would reflect on the early yearsenthusiasm for learning and youthful of Greensboro Day School, he recalledoutlook was always welcome.the supportive parent body. Parents were active in the school, volunteering, doingHe is survived by his wife of 65 years, landscaping, hosting events such as GreenJoan Wernick Bates of Boca Raton, FL & Gold Day, the parent Gala, and bakeas well sons Evan (Susan) Bates 78 sales. He remembers fondly that Trusteesof Dallas, TX, Tony (Stefanie) Bates were hands-on in support of providing82 of Charlotte, NC, Keith Bates of academic excellence. Bill believed thatG reensboro Day School lost a devotedRutland, VT and Todd (Jill) Bates 88 of strong parent support gave the youngfriend and supporter when Louis BatesAtlanta, GA. He is also survived by seven school the foundation to grow into whatpassed away on October 17, 2020.grandchildren and a great-grandson. He it has become today. Louis was a graduate of Greensboro Highwas preceded in death by parents Victor School and attended the University ofand Emma Bates, brother Seymour Bates Bill remained proud of Greensboro Dayand daughter Kimberly Bates 84.School, staying involved throughoutNorth Carolina at Chapel Hill. Upon the years as a grandparent of the school.leaving UNC, he joined his father at Bates He could be found at various athleticNitewear Co., growing the company to events, especially volleyball, supportingbecome the nations largest manufacturer of his grandchildren. We will miss seeing hischildrens sleepwear. friendly smile on campus.Louis and Joan were active at GDS during He leaves behind, to cherish his memory,the early years of the school, enrolling their his wife of 60 years, Linda Joberg Knox;children in the school throughout the 70s children Linda Knox Register 79and 80s. Their generosity throughout (Tom), Martha Knox Stilson 80, Davidthose years truly helped the school grow Stafford Knox 82 (Virginia 83), andin many needed ways, both physically and 58 | Winter 2020'