b'In 1987, a year after Dr. Ralph Davison arrived2006 saw the end of Davisons tenure and the at GDS, Tommy was appointed Director ofbeginning of Mark Hales term as the Schools Admissions and Financial Aid. For the next fivesixth Head of School. Tommys loyal and faithful years, Tommy taught two English classes, led theservice to the school community beginning with growth of the Schools enrollment, and served asthe Heads of School continued through the Hale the Diversity Liaison to the Board of Trustees,administration and into Tracie Catletts. and during this time, he became the keeper of the history of the School. In the two most recent decades of service to the School, Tommy continued to build long-lasting Tommys commitment to GDS was growingrelationships with every constituency in the deeper year by year, and Dr. DavisonsSchool. Its not surprising to see an alumni parent, recognition of Webbs myriad talents caused hiswho may not have been on campus for 15 years job description to expand accordingly. By theor more, approach the front desk and ask if Mr. mid-90s, Tommy had been tapped to lead theWebb is available. Greeted by a hearty hello Schools effort in Admission, Development, andfrom Tommy, off they would go to the office finally, as the Assistant Head of School overseeingfor a proper chat. Or, a student who graduated auxiliaries, operations, and personnel. (All whileseven years earlier looking to give back to the Tommy was still teaching English!)School, to the School shaped by Tommy, while providing a foundational experience for so many Among the multiple outcomes of Tommyswho attended. And, there are the faculty and staff development work over three decades were tworelationships, each unique, many beginning with capital campaigns while he was Director oftheir first campus tour. Parent relations flourished Development. The first campaign, a 5M goal, ledas well in Tommys tenure. Remarkably, Tommy by Campaign Chair Lanty Smith, and a secondserved as the administrative liaison to the GDS campaign for 10M, led by Jed Dunn were bothParents Association from the late 80s until 2019, successful. The list of buildings and grounds as amore than 30 years. result of those added with campaigns include:Throughout his 39 years at GDS, Tommys wife nSmith and Hayes Upper School Anne, originally from Greensboro, and their two nDavison Center for the Arts daughters Hart 00 and Keats 03, supported, nDillard Gym advised and cheered him on. Thank you all for nParents Association Media Center that! We are grateful for the entire Webb family.nnParents Association Lower School wingnMany renovations to existing buildingsnNumerous endowment additionsGDS Magazine | 21'