b'The Bengals Are Streaming! GREENSBORO DAY SCHOOL has partnered with the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) Network and will broadcast our Bengals athletic events LIVE. While there are limitations to fans this year, live games can be watched from anywhere, on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.In order to join the NFHS Network, the school had to purchase specific cameras from the NFHS, which are compatible with their streaming software. The camera system will be known as the Gran Cam, thanks to a generous anonymous grandparent donor. Two separate cameras were purchased in the summer of 2019. One was installed in Dillard Gymnasium and one was installed on the White Family Field for Field Hockey, Girls Lacrosse, and Boys Lacrosse. Two additional cameras were purchased during the Summer of 2020 and have been installed on the Carlton M. Harris, Jr. 76 Soccer Field and in the Auxiliary Gymnasium.The athletic department is excited about these cameras as it will allow the school to extend its visibility.As a school that continues to attract students from outside of the Greensboro community, this will allow families to watch their children compete in athletics when they would not have had the opportunity to do so before.Assistant Athletic Director Jon Schner stated, The technology and support the NFHS Network provides is outstanding.No one is needed to run the cameras, they self-track the action from start to finish. You can also watch away games at any school that is also part of the NFHS Network! By subscribing to the NFHSNetwork, you get full access to all content on the Network for our school and any other broadcast Nationwide! Subscribing is easy:1. Go to NFHSnetwork.com. 2. Enter Greensboro Day School in the search box.3. Click Follow so you can stay up to date on all upcoming GDS broadcasted events.4. Click Subscribe for all subscription options for our school. We look forward to bringing you top notch broadcasts of our athletic events!GDS Magazine | 35'