b'CAMPUS NEWSIn science class, Fourth Graders Greensboro Day Schooldeveloped inventions using recycled materials. They are creating prototypes using hosted its Nationalrecyclable items. One day we may see robots, plates and utensils, and Honor Society inductionjewelry made from these global thinkers!ceremony on Wednesday, October 28, 2020.CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING NEW MEMBERS:Rinne Alt 21 Coco Guan 22Maryam Khan 21 Josh Hoffman 22 In collaboration with the James Kirkland 21 Amy Iuppa 22 Chinese Club, Upper Tenley Parr 21 Faith McDonald 22 School advisories created Noah Regal 21 Anna Newsom 22 lanterns in honor of the Mid George Seifert 21 Simeon Reich 22 Autumn Lantern Festival. Elizabeth Adams 22 Chase Risdon 22 The beautiful creations were Graham Ciener 22 Abby Schneid 22 displayed in the Kathy Davis Student Life Center. Winston Cimino 22 Parker Stroud 22Xander Craven 22 Alex Turner 22John David Civils 22 Zoe Wen 22Emma Davis 22 Kathleen Whitener 22Kyle Feinstein 22 Ellie Wilcox 22Ryan Fowler 22 Henry Wilcox 22Amir Gabitov 22 Coco Zhu 22Frannie Goodman 22THE 2020-21 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS:Charlotte Munsey 21PresidentLarkin Owens 21Officer of Hunger ReliefOlivia Gwinett 21Officer of Environmental ServiceJessica Zhang 21Officer of Greater GreensboroCady He 21Officer of GDS MentorsSeniors continued the tradition of painting parking spaces and the Class of 2021 turned the parking lot into a work of art.Thank you to Mrs. Jackson-Adams, Upper School Administrators, and parents for making this event happen.16 | Winter 2020'