b'Dave Mochel Returnssimple ways to handle that stress, one beingFor as parents, Dave served as our 2020 deep breathing from the belly. This simpleMcLendon Faculty and Parent Education to Greensboro Daytechnique works with our parasympatheticSpeaker, sharing information related to School nervous system to tell our bodies to calm andparenting and how to connect with your relax. How can anyone be around him andchildren during times of uncertainty. not feel better? remarked a senior student by Bridget Gwinnett, Upper School Counselor after meeting with Dave.As the week came to a close, Dave shared Dave Mochel, founder of Applied Attentionhis observations with the senior leadership and Greensboro Day Schools well-beingMany of our faculty have begun to useteam and counselors. He found that here coach in residence, served as our 2020mindful breathing and relaxation techniqueswas a consistent theme of fundamental McLendon Faculty and Parent Educationin their classrooms, with children encouragedtrust and kindness. He noted that our Speaker. We learned that five days is notto do the same at home. During his visit,successes throughout this crisis have been enough time with Dave!Dave offered after school workshops forpossible because of this foundation and the interested faculty, practicing awarenesscommitment of our whole community: As part of our continuing efforts to focusand attention through mindfulness andfaculty, students, families, and leadership.non the health, safety, and well-being of ourmeditation.students, we welcomed Dave for a week in October. During his time with us, Dave met with students in all divisions. The weather made it easy to space apart outdoors with masks off and breathe. Lower School students met with Dave in their classrooms and under the tents during morning meetings, lunch, and break time. Middle School and Upper School students filled the lacrosse field socially distanced in their Crazy Creek chairs. Dave spoke with them about how our bodies experience stress and he taught them a few GDS Magazine | 15'