b'degree in chemistry and had worked for a year as Amhersts Green Dean admission counselor before heading to Duke. In his forty-four years at GDS, he taught physics, math from 7th grade to calculus, and a range of computer science courses from Intro to AP. David held many administrative roles during his tenure. He served the school for 31 years as Academic Dean from 1983-2014, overseeing coordination and development of the schools curriculum and the academic IMPACT: 44 YEARS WITH schedule as the school increased significantly DAVID GILBERT in enrollment. David served as a college counselor with Jim Hendrix and Mike Dougherty in the early 80s and with Bob Demaree and Tricia Fish in the late 90s. He was deeply involved in strategic and long-range planning, particularly during the A consummate gentleman,Youll be hard-pressed to find anyone whoUpper School expansion. David partnered has worked at Greensboro Day School whowith Sarah Hanawald, former director of scholar, and master teacher,has made a significant impact on nearlyeducational technologies, to lead the school Greensboro Day Schoolevery aspect of the school as David Gilbert.in adopting its laptop program in 2000. IMPACT, a resounding word when heardHe also played an important role in the would not be what it isdevelopment of computerized financial from those who know David best.today without his invaluableforecasting models for the school, and he led Not a single person in the schools 50-yearthe school through successful reaccreditation contributions. history has been employed longer thanreviews in 1997, 2002, 2007, and 2012. David Gilbert. The school hired this bright, young teacher out of Duke UniversitysDavid was also a leader in our international - Jim Hendrix, Head of School,Cooperative MAT program in 1976 toprograms. He, along with GDS parents 1977-1986 teach math and physics. He had graduatedJane Peterson and Anne Hummel, were from Amherst College a year earlier with ainstrumental in establishing a chapter of the American Field Service (AFS) at GDS which GDS Magazine | 23'