b'HEADS CORNERDear GDS Community,Even in todays rapidly changingAs you turn through the pages of this landscape, our mission and core valuesmagazine, you will recognize some remain embedded in the fabric ofof the GDS legends that we will say the Greensboro Day School culturefarewell to, most notably, Tommy and community. Our faculty andWebb, as he embarks on a well-staff stepped up in big ways this falldeserved retirement later this spring to deliver an on-time and in-personafter 39 years of faithfully serving our education. From every corner ofSchool, and David Gilbert, a difference campus, a commitment to safety,maker for 44 years. And, as we say our boldness, innovation, grit, and humilitygoodbyes and celebrate the retirements define the spirit of Bengal Nation. of several beloved faculty, we also say hello AGAIN to Kathy Davis! When Placing students and teachers at thethe call came in for a long term math heart of our campus enhancementssubstitute, Kathy answered. helped us amplify our instructional technology, expand learning to theEnjoy reading what GDS has been up great outdoors, invest in a healthto this fall, knowing that despite all the center renovation, install air qualitychallenges our world and community technology, and de-densify ourhave faced, GDS is a stronger and classrooms, hallways and social spaces. more resilient institution. I thank all of you for your many different ways Teachers have spent countless hoursof supporting GDS. Take good care of to ensure academic excellence, ayourselves and your loved ones during hallmark of a Greensboro Day Schoolthis extraordinary time.experience. Their work is a testament to their commitment to our students andWith Bengal Pride,families. Speaking of family, the 2020-21 school year has delivered some exciting hellos, farewells, and welcome backs. At the close of the first quarter, GDSTracie Catlettenrolled over 190 new students, theHead of Schoollargest number of new students in a single year since 1972. Thirty-six new legacy students joined our community bringing our total number of legacy students to 115!GDS Magazine | 3'