b't he inaugural Fall Arts Festival was held on November 7 - 8 in front of a grateful crowd of the performers parents, administrators, and student volunteers. The multiple outdoor venues meant that 150 attendees could see the performances in three distinct sites on campus, keeping the numbers at each venue under 50, meeting COVID-19 protocols.While the realities of COVID-19 meant that we could not gather or perform the ways we have in the past, we provided opportunities for our students to showcase their artistic talents, whether in theatre, music, or the visual arts. The outdoors showcase of arts highlighted students work in our Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. While tickets were made available for families to attend in person, the event was live-streamed and professional videographers recorded the events. The recordings have made it possible for community members to appreciate the first-semester work of our student-artists singing, playing instruments, producing theatrical performances, and sharing their pottery, photography, and paintings. Performances Event leadership wasKaren Collins and StephanieMiddle School Musical provided by Academic DeanEzerman directed StringsArts Walk Peter Williams and eventperformances, and JenniferUpper School Chamber Musicians management by MargoJellicorse produced theUpper School /Noteworthy Chorus Manning 23. Jillian WilliamsUpper School Musical. TheUpper School String Essence produced the Middle SchoolArts Walk was a visual arts8th Grade and Upper School Band Musical performance,department collaborativeMiddle School Orchestra Brandon Bickham directedeffort led by the chair, CareyMiddle School Chorus the Band performances, andJackson-Adams.n Upper School Musical Sonny Willis 96 conducted the Chorus performances. 18 | Winter 2020'