b'brought 22 students from 16 countries toOne program to which David devoted our school between 1980 and 1994. Inmuch time was the GDS Improvement of recent years overseeing the InternationalInstruction (IOI) Program. In 1978, Head Student Support Program, David was a keyof School Jim Hendrix received permission link with our international students andfrom the Board of Trustees to establish a their host families, serving with a passionprogram of professional development and for his global perspective and our schoolsevaluation. After a two-day workshop led widening view of this world. In addition toby Dr. David Purpel of UNCG, the faculty this work, David and his family hosted fiveendorsed the concept. They organized a of our international students. committee that over three years developed the system of partner teachers, classroom Another passion of Davids is environmentalobservation, goal setting, evaluation, and education and sustainability. He workedfaculty study groups a program that closely with Ed Dickinson and Val Vickersreceived great attention and was widely to support the Parent/Student/Facultyemulated across the independent school Environmental Committee for the 18 yearsworld. of its existence, and he promoted sustainable energy practices as the school expanded.School improvement was essential but In more recent years, he coordinated thelifelong learning was equally important to recycling effort at the school, working withDavid. He was selected as a Klingenstein faculty and student advocates to promoteFellow for a sabbatical year of study at and expand the program on campus. He isColumbia Universitys Teachers College especially proud of his role in getting GDSfor the 1984-85 academic year. That to sign on as a founding member school ofyear connected him with independent the Outdoor Academy. OA is an academicschool educators and leaders around the semester school for tenth-graders run bycountry and brought further recognition Eagles Nest Foundation, located nearto Greensboro Day School. He continued Brevard, NC, focusing on environmentalto be involved with the state and nationalA man of many gifts, David is a cellist and education and outdoor activity skill- independent school world throughout hisis passionate about music. He was always building. career, making presentations at conferencesa strong advocate for the arts programs at and at other schools and serving on visitingGDS, particularly music. He performed in committees for reaccreditation reviews. the pit for many of our musicals and Upper School strings concerts. David worked with the Music Department to establish the extracurricular performance groups and is even credited with creating the name StringEssence for the string ensemble. Outdoor education is another of Davids deep interests. He is an avid hiker and backpacker, serving as a group leader with the Junior Backpacking Trip from its inception in 1982 when it was started by former headmaster Jim Hendrix. Since 1982, he only missed two trips. Close to 400 students joined him on the treks through Pisgah Forest, up Cedar Rock Mountain and Black Balsam, down the falls of Flat Laurel Creek, and chillin around a roaring campfire making sticks dance. He served as principal trip coordinator for nearly three decades.24 | Winter 2020'