b'John Jay Sullivan 96, May 30, 2020. JohnJohn Jennings 14 and father of Sinclair James Jay Sullivan III died on Saturday,Fowler McLean 94.May 30, 2020 following a brief illness. Jay was born in Thomasville, NC to Janice and JohnPatricia Williams Price, September 21, 2020. Sullivan, Jr. He grew up in Greensboro, NC.She taught at GDS from 1976-1992 and was His parents and his brother Robert Laughterthe mother of Erin Williams Masterson 92 Sullivan and Roberts wife, Jacqueline, surviveand Jody Williams 96. him. As a child, Jay annually attended GwynnAnn Falk, September 25, 2020.She was the Valley Camp in the Western North Carolinamother of Harry Falk 79 (Maribeth Geraci mountains and returned there to work as a78) and Lizzie Falk Brownridge 82. staff member for many college summers. JayMemorials Marsha Cole, September 27, 2020. She was loved the various pursuits he learned there and was happiest growing vegetables, raisingthe mother of Jessica Cole 10 (d. 2004).farm animals and spending time outdoors.at her passing. She was a graduate of The Jay was also involved with Boy Scouts, youthGeorge Washington University and BaruchMarshall Stewart 13, October 2, 2020.He soccer, track & field, cross country, andCollege where she earned her Masterswas the brother of Parker Stewart 11. participated in youth activities and missionDegree in Psychology. She is survived trips with First Presbyterian Church. Jay andby her parents Bill and Dorcas Powell ofPatsy Boren, October 6, 2020.She was the his friends loved to hike in the mountainsEvans, GA, her sisters Emily Xavier, Haleymother of Lee Boren Kleinhelter 93.and sometimes spent weekends campingSmallwood, Kennedy Powell and brothers near Boone, NC. In 2000 he graduated fromRonnie Ngyuen and Dannie Ngyuen.Louis Bates, October 17, 2020.He was the Appalachian State University with a degree inWhile Sarah lost her way for a while shefather of Evan Bates 78, Tony Bates 82, construction technology and was a memberwas working to overcome her issues andKimberly Bates 84 (d. 1987), and Todd of Delta Chi fraternity. He went on to earnmake something better of her life. SheBates 88.his general contractors license and workedwill always be remembered as the girl with as superintendent and project manager withflowers in her hair and a smile that couldDr. John L. Irvin, October 17, 2020. He was several large construction and real estatelight up the world. She is so missed bythe father of Dorothy Irvin and John Irvin, development companies. Beyond just athose that loved her and our hearts areJr. 80, the uncle of Catherine Egerton 89 profession, he loved using his constructionbroken at her passing. and David Egerton 93 and great-uncle of knowledge and skills to renovate the variousDavis Egerton 27, Henry Egerton 30, and homes. Jays many friends and extended familyDoris Tanger, August 14, 2020. She wasGray Egerton 32. members will miss his genuine smile, caringthe grandmother of Laurie Nehman Lloyd nature and calming presence. 97.Floyd C. Adams, Jr., October 19, 2020.He is the father-in-law of Jennifer Smith Adams Patricia Pat Lowry, June 6, 2020. She was theCarolyn Wickersham McCollum Ferguson,86 and grandfather of Cody Adams 13 and mother of Kelly Lowry McIntyre 96.August 31, 2020. She was the grandmotherSpencer Adams 17.of William Hudson 11 and Matthew Mildred Cottrell, June 16, 2020, grandmotherHudson 16.Daniel Canada, October 24, 2020. He was of Jennifer Ingold Asbill 01. the grandfather of Austin Canada 13Cecelia Sue, August 18, 2020. She was theDr. Franklin Durant Bell, October 20, 2020.Zachary McGarr, June 18, 2020. He was theMother of Missie Sue Vaughan 81. son of LeeAnn McGarr 86.He was the grandfather of Jon Bell 90 and Sebastian Hertl 13, September 7, 2020.Durant Bell 98 and the great-grandfather of Robert Little, July 30, 2020. He was theHe was the brother of Matthias Hertl 10.Jacqueline Gravely 12, Paxton Gravely 16, stepfather of Chris Wright 75, Liz WrightMerrimon Gravely 17, Emme Gravely 20, James 76, and Danny Wright 89.Joanne Wyrick, September 17, 2020. SheFulton Bell 20, Garland Bell 22, Ford Bell was the mother of Jo Wyrick 86 and25, Hughes Bell 29, Lollie Bell 31 and Susan Gant, August 10, 2020. She was theElizabeth Wyrick Thompson 88.George Bell 33. mother of Roger Gant 09. Maurice Jennings, September 19, 2020.Penn Strandberg 07, October 30, 2020. Sarah Nia 00, August 13, 2020. She wasHe was the father of past Board Chair,He was the brother of Jace Strandberg 03, living in Knoxville, TN and was lookingBurney Jennings and the grandfather ofKathleen Strandberg Welte 06, and Julia forward to going back to school to become anBlake Jennings 07 (Melanie MatthewsStrandberg 08. elementary school teacher. She is so missed byJennings 07), Bailey Jennings Golmont those that love her and our hearts are broken09, Mary Frances Jennings 12, andButch Ferguson 76. 56 | Winter 2020'