b'GREENSBORO DAY SCHOOLWhat Fifth Graders Had to Say about the Fifth Grade Forward ClassWe learned about . We learned about. I understand how culture, relationships,handling stress, thewhat we learned will our amygdala, andbrain, and friendship.help us every day. Its organizing. And IAnd how even whatnot all about learning wasnt overwhelmedwe eat is importantfacts but stuff like by all that weto stay healthy.organization and learned! keeping track of time. . I learned howThis class makes.Learning never your brain works andme think I can getends, and you can great tips on keepingthrough middlealways learn more! yourself organized. school and not beI learned why you so confused. need to listen and get all the details . This class makes me more prepared for whenbefore you think you it comes to studying and staying organized. know everything. Middle School is a time of significant change - physically, social-schools finances in a strong fiscal position,emotionally, and intellectually. Fifth Grade Forward is a Middle and in her words, very capable hands. School program that supports student well-being and academic When asked whats next for Pam Hemphill,success. Learning how to learn is absent from most traditional she said, After working 24/7 for so long I ammiddle school programs. Greensboro Day Schools unique fifth-grade looking forward to taking care of my family,program launches students forward with the skills and strategies Bible Study, gardening, and taking those pop-up golf trips with Ross and Will. Whonecessary for success in middle school and beyond. knows, maybe Ill start playing. These quotes reinforce the success of the first-ever Fifth Grade In our final question, we asked Pam whatForward class. Students had the opportunity to learn various she wishes for GDS going forward. She was quick to answer, I hope that GDS remainsessential skills and habits from several GDS faculty members. Fifth a community where families get involved,Grade Forward teachers:where children and their parents feel thatexecutive functioning, study habits, and organizational skills. they are part of the school family. The best part of any day at GDS is walking through whole body wellness tipsthe halls and seeing kids, teachers, and how the brain worksparents, all belonging to a community that a range of social-emotional issuescares. And then she paused and thoughtfully mindfulness through stress management techniques and yoga added, You know, if I could go back and do it again, I sure would.nGDS Magazine | 29'