b'MELANIE AND IANWe thought it was essential to check in with all of our new families about one month into the new school year. The survey questions LAMBERTH included: Iandigo 31 lWe want to hear your stories! What highlights has your child shared with you about the first month of school?Choosing GDS was easy.Our goal was to immerse Iandigo in an environmentlWe recognize that a transition to a new school can be where she could receive dynamic instructionchallenging. As we adjust to life during a global pandemic, it is with access to strategic resources to ensure hereven more critical that we focus on building and maintaining success. positive relationships. Please share with us any students your child(ren) have connected with in this first month. (We asked We firmly believe it takes a village to raiseabout parent connections too!)a child.For us, GDS is that village!It is evident that this community desires tolAfter 30 days in school and after reflecting on your entire meet each child at their unique stage, embraceadmission process, what are three things that you think that we their individuality, creative support thinking,need to know?foster relationships, enrich lives, and elevateThe answers were detailed, well-considered, and, most of all, helpful. together. The rate of response was more than 40%. Once we dug into the data, For us, it wasnt why GDS? But how could wegenerally, we went back to three of the 75 responding families, and not choose GDS? we asked simply, Why GDS?We were delighted by their answers!In Indigos words,Greensboro Day is the best school ever!I love my teachers, my friends are awesome, and every day is a great day!30 | Winter 2020'