b'Greensboro Day School joined Global Online Academy (GOA), an international consortium of over 85 schools, during 2019. Little did we know that a global pandemic was right around the corner, and our partnership with GOA would prove to be more valuable than ever imagined. GOA and GDS Fast Facts89 80 93 5 15GDS facultymembers of theGDS facultyGDS studentsGDS students membersGDS Class ofmembers met thecompleted summerenrolledin completed2023 participatedsecond level ofschool offerings:GOA courses Designing forin the FlexDesigning for OnlineComputational Thinking,during the Online LearningCourse AgreeableLearning: Wayfinding,Fiction Writing,2020-21 in preparation forDisagreements Assessments &Computer Science II:academic yeardistance learning Student Agency Java & Geometry (2)Larkin Owens 21 has the following to say about her GOA experience:When I first heard about GOA, my interest was piqued. It was pitched as a way for students to learn about diverse topics with a significant amount of autonomy. Im a student who does well when left to work independently but can still ask questions. Im also deeply interested in the interactions between countries on the global stage. I looked through the course catalog and found International Relations. I signed up, albeit with a little uncertainty for how an online class would work. How do I connect with people I will only ever see on a screen? After GDS moved to remote learning in the spring, I felt reassured I could manage the class, but connections still concerned me. My unease was gone within the first week. Without GOA, I would have never taken International Relations, learned so much about a topic I want to pursue further, or met people from all corners of the world just as interested as me. If I could take another GOA class next semester, I would do it in a heartbeat.GDS Magazine | 17'