b'PAM HEMPHILL In her PA treasurer roles, Pam served on the Finance Committee and it was here whereMark Hale and others took notice of her remarkable financial acumen, developed as a G DS Magazine sat down with PamBig 5 CPA in prior years. As a result, in 2008 Hemphill just days before she officiallyPam was offered the interim CFO opening signed off as the CFO of her belovedwhile the school conducted a national search. Greensboro Day School. Her 26-yearImagine, taking on the CFO role in 2008, connection to GDS is a story of hard workthe middle of the worst economic downturn and extraordinary loyalty. since the 1930s. Pam describes those early In Tracie Catletts farewell letter to outgoingyears as an opportunity to be creative CFO Pam Hemphill, she noted the sharedand proactive. Student programming was appreciation the community has for bothmaintained and an economy of scale, Pam the person, and Pam the consummatesystemic efficiencies, and thoughtful cost-professional. This past spring Pamcutting relieved budgetary pressures.announced her retirement from GDS afterWe asked Pam to name some other successes 12 years of faithfully serving as our CFO. Ifduring her 12-year run. She was quick to you know Pam, you would likely use wordsremind us that they were not her successes like kind, funny, hard worker, big heart, loyal,alone but the result of a collaborative effort warm, and friendly to describe her. Its anPams involvement with her childrens schoolinvolving the Head of School, Board of understatement to say that Pam is a belovedwas immediate, substantive, and obviouslyTrustees, and her colleagues. She described member of GDS.long-lasting. Beginning as a Room Mom,her role as being a partner in the planning she moved through the levels of Parentsand a leader in the implementation. Pams GDS story is really a story aboutAssociation leadership including Fundraising the entire Hemphill clan, husband Ross,Treasurer, Operating Treasurer, eventuallyAmong the accomplishments, Pam named Daughters Stephanie 12 and Jennifer 09,becoming PA President in 2008-09.strict budget management for three major and sons Will 16 and Robert. In her ownconstruction projects including the Bell words, Pam described why she and RossPam remembers, delivering studentFamily Middle School, the Tennis Courts, chose GDS, It was the premier education inlunches long before FLIK, baking for classand the Auxiliary Gym. Others included debt the Triad, and it still is. Pam recalled, withparties,co-chairing the Carnival (oneconsolidation and reduction, data-informed a smile, first meeting long time Kindergartenevent of many), and sitting at a table withtrend analysis, and a focus on Human teacher Happy Waller who taught theMerrill Keeley counting proceeds from theresources, through updated handbooks and Hemphills beginning with Jennifer in 1994Innisbrook wrapping paper sales - a $25,000employee management systems. Pams success through Will ten years later! endeavor back in the day.has been the schools success, she leaves the 28 | Winter 2020'