b'In their Own Words .Its not uncommon to find Davids footprintFrom the moment I met David in the on so much good that has happened andearly 1980s, I was amazed at the joy and continues to happen at GDS today. Tracieexcitement he shared while working within Catlett, Head of School, 2019 - presentthe GDS community [and] I became a better leader and a better teacher. - Ann A strong Head of School knows what her/hisAdams, Former First Grade Teacher and strengths are, and where s/he needs support.Director of AdmissionWith that knowledge, s/he surrounds her/himself with people who can be highlyAs the Academic Dean, David was an effective with work that supports the Head.excellent, invaluable resource for GDS, David Gilbert played that role for me for 20passionately committed to delivering years.- Ralph Davison, Head of School,excellence for the GDS students, and 1986-2006 providing value for the GDS parents. - Jasbir Singh, former Trustee and parent of There has been no stronger advocateAnoop Singh 03 and Gulnaar Kaur 08for and brilliant leadership with the academic program on the GDS faculty andDave Gilbert was an AFS exchange administration than David Gilbert. - Edstudent in Zurich, Switzerland for a year Dickinson, Former Director of the Middlebetween high school and college, and I School had been an AFSer to Finland.- Jane Peterson, Former Trustee and Parent of Dave Gilbert belongs in that pantheon ofKristin Peterson Edwards 88 and Kirk great Bengals who have been instrumentalPeterson 91in the development of the Day School. - Jim Hendrix, Head of School, 1977-1986 Mr. Gilbert was an amazingly dedicated teacher. - Anne Harkavy 91David is the most dedicated, loyal teacher/administrator the school ever had and aIt is a true blessing in life when we reflect good friend to all! Thank you, David, forback on those people who had a great your service to education. - Valerie Vickers,impact on our lives and contributed to our former GDS teacher success. - Sonny Robinson 80 Thank you, David, for your exceptionalMr. Gilbert was dedicated to providing leadership of faculty.especially me. - Cherylme and other students with advice and David has left an invaluable mark on thisDouglas Love, former GDS teacher solutions outside the norm and was school in so many ways. He always saw hisclearly driven by a selfless concern for our role as a teacher to stretch students andDavid always asked, What is thewellbeing as students. - Alex Morcos 93nurture their engagement with a challengingeducational impact? - Cindy Stan, former subject and his role as an administrator to actGDS teacher 30 years later, I can say I learned from according to the root meaning of the word:Mr. Gilbert that science is a doorway to to minister to the needs of. His impact, bothDavid has probably had the greatest impactlifelong learning, open to anyone curious personal and programmatic, will be felt forof anyone on GDS.- Kathy Davis, formerabout how the world works. - Wendy years to come. Please join us in recognizingGDS teacher Sarratt 91and thanking Mr. David Gilbert for his long service to Greensboro Day School and hisDavid has been such an integral partMr. Gilberts mastercraft at GDS is commitment to excellence in education duringof GDS for so long. I so enjoyed workingreflected in its platform for academic rigor his years here.n with him, appreciated his broad view ofand achievement, and his passion for curriculum, and marveled at his knowledgeinnovation and intellectual inquiry has in so many areas. - Nancy Teague, formerhelped keep GDS at the top of its field for GDS teacher decades. - Holmes Hummel 94GDS Magazine | 25'