b'Congratulations to the varsity cross country teams onSuccess!successful seasons! nSignificant time drops and personal bests by every member.Congratulations to the girls cross country team for winning the PTAC Conferencen 6All-Conference Runners (3 girls, 3 Championship and to the boys cross country team for their second place conferenceboys).finish. Runners named to All Conference include Logan Hayes 23, Olivern Boys 2nd at Conference (best finish since Kreimer 22, Sterling Sharpe 23, Claire McDowell 23, Lucy Eggleston 26,at least 2012).and Mae Moody 23. Both girls and boys teams also competed in the NCISAA 4An Girls won Conference and Girls placed State Competition where the girls team placed #8 and the boys placed 11th.8th at Statesn Boys 11th at Statesn Most importantly, the kids showed up every day, were positive, encouraging, and did what we asked.Karen Lawyer, Varsity Cross Country Coach was named PTAC Coach of the Year. Team members included: Adam Arnold 23, Lily Barg 24, Harrison Chen 26, Gretchen Cimino 24 Winston Cimino 22, Thomas Dumbill 24, Lucy Eggleston 26, Zhaoxiang Feng 22, Gabriella Fernandes-Brough 22, Coco Guan 22, Logan Hayes 23, Sebastian Kohler 25, Oliver Kreimer 22, Grant Lindsay 23, Claire McDowell 23, Paige McKee 23, Mae Moody 23, John Phillips 22, Elliott Porter 24, Sterling Sharpe 23, Kevin Xu 22GDS Magazine | 33'