b'CATHERINE AND NEIL STEWARTBen 22Without a doubt, GDS has proved to be the perfect niche for our son, Ben . After spending most of his life being homeschooled, we felt he needed to be stretched academically in an environment that wouldprovide both ahealthy community and outstanding academics . At GDS, we have found both! With teachers who are passionate about their subjects, that passion has become contagious. And with a student body who share a keen desire for community, this school has hit a sweet spot for us. With a plethora of extracurricular options catered toward individual interests and gifts, we couldnt have imagined a place that would offer such diversity of life experience under the umbrella of a particular school. Ben has transitioned into the school with such incredible ease that our only regret is that we didnt make this move sooner.To put it in his words,GDS has motivated me not only to be a better student but to be a more significant part of my community.I am so thankful for the passion the teachers put in to me as an individual each day. Open lines of communication between new families and their school is essential, and we encourage new families (and returning families, too) to communicate freely with the school. Please complete KATIE AND WELLS BRABHAM 90 surveys, register concerns, or just tell us Hayes 28 and Van 29 that we got it right. Only together can we provide your children with the best Wells: Having spent 13 years at GDS, I know what apossible educational experience. Thank special place this is .The school prepares you for life.Theyou to our new families and our returning bonds you make with friends and teachers last forever. When the pandemicfamilies alike for entrusting your childs began, Katie and I watched the school transform and lead the way ineducation to GDS. preparedness. We realized that GDS provided the educational environment that would best meet the needs of our kids. After just two months, we have no doubt that we made the correct decision.Van:GDS is the perfect size school. There is so much space to play and learn. I think the teachers are great!Hayes: I have really enjoyed my short time at GDS. Everyone has been so warm and welcoming to me.The teachers make learning fun!GDS Magazine | 31'