b'LETTER FROM THE CHAIRKristin Carignan is the President of the GDS Parents Association. She has been an active volunteer at GDS for the past nine years in many different roles. She and her husband, Dr. Peter Carignan, have two children at GDS, Garrett 24 and Rory 28.Bill Smith is CEO of Trust Company of the South. He served as a trustee for Burlington Day School for nearly 15 years. He has also served as a trustee for Elon University, as Treasurer/Secretary for the Piedmont Triad Partnership board, and as Treasurer for the Piedmont Triad Charitable Foundation board. He and his wife Sue have one child at GDS, Josie 33.Denise Turner Roth is Chief Development Officer at WSP. She Dear GDS Community, has contributed to many boards in Greensboro, including Action Greensboro, UNC-Greensboro, and Chair of the Future Fund. Wow!What an exciting time to be involved with an educationalShe was previously Vice-Chair of the Community Foundation institution. On one hand, there is anxiety: will we be on campus, willof Greater Washington. She is currently a board member of we be in distance learning, can we operate safely, what are the financialTowneBank and Chair of the Finance and Land Use Committee, ramifications for all of this now and in the future? On the other sideBoard of Visitors at George Mason University.She and her is the incredible sense of pride to be affiliated with Greensboro Dayhusband Chip Roth have one child at GDS, Connor 28.School. At least as of this writing, we are on campus, and things are proceeding well. I almost hate to say that for fear of jinxing us. Comer Wear is VP of Marketing for Rock House Farm Family of Brands at Century Furniture/RHF Investments.In the community, During COVID-19, our committed and creative Head of School,she has served on the following boards: Bienenstock Furniture Tracie Catlett, and her staff have done a tremendous job on manyLibrary, 200 Steele Building, Hamilton Wrenn District, and RHF fronts. The move to distance learning last spring was incrediblyInvestments. She and her husband Ralph have three children; sudden, and even though it was no ones choice, GDS did as well asRalph 25, Eleanor is a 6th grader at The Piedmont School, and any school anywhere to transition to the new normal. The amountAlexander 33.of time and energy spent this summer to prepare for a fall opening on campus was incredible; purchasing the new Swivl technology,Heather Wilson is the Director of Marketing at ILNA Inc. She installing a new air filtration system, and setting up the infrastructureserved on the Board of Directors at Hannahs Haven and currently for classrooms in the gyms and outside. So far, the fall semester hasserves on the finance team at Grace Community Church. She and been safe and progressing nicely. her husband SirMawn have two children who attend GDS; Dana 25, and India 28. Given the unique circumstances, it is a good time to outline the role of the Board of Trustees and what is not. The Board has three primaryOurs is a terrific board overall, coupled with a gifted Head of responsibilities; support and advance the schools mission, support andSchool, Tracie Catlett, and a top-notch faculty and staff; our future assess the Head of School, and oversee the schools long-term financiallooks bright. I am not naive enough to think that there wont be viability. Parents regularly approach board members about schoolbumps in the road, but I cant say enough about how proud I am to operations. The Board does not get involved in the direct operation ofbe affiliated with Greensboro Day School.the school. We encourage people to come to teachers, division heads, or other staff members about school operations. This is our school, soWith warm regards,operational input is welcome, but that is not what the Board does.Our current Board of Trustees is a highly competent group, and our work together started over the summer. Let me introduce our five newChuck Keeley 81members. Chair, Board of TrusteesGDS Magazine | 5'